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  • Axial Flow Fan, or Industrial Axial Fan

    As one of the key components of the heat pump system, compared to that of a conventional axial fan, the blade tip area of a forward-swept axial fan is much larger than its blade root, which is the main noise source of the fan and also has an important influence on the fan efficiency. Enhancement ...
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  • How does air-conditioning cooling and heating more costly

    With the development of the times, car air-conditioning has become a necessity in the car: today, let’s talk to friends about which air-conditioning refrigeration or heating is more fuel-intensive? The answer is refrigeration Cars use warm air in winter , and the fuel cost is very small, wh...
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  • Duct Axial Fan Market Growth 2021-2027

    Duct Axial Fan Market Research Overview 2021-2027 : Industry Growth Analysis by Key Players, Types, Applications and Forecast with Leading Regions and Countries Data Duct Axial Fan Market Growth 2021-2027 : The increasing use of Duct Axial Fan in Industrial, Commercial Applications and other i...
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  • What is a Centrifugal Fan Used For?

    If you’ve ever taken your car through a typical car wash, toward the end a certain piece of equipment was used to help dry the wet car off. At that moment you were experiencing a real world, practical application of a centrifugal fan. Also Known as Blowers Thanks to rotating impellers, centrifuga...
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  • How about the normal maintenance of axial flow fan?

    Axial fan is a common ventilation products, but also a large category of axial fan inside a series of axial fans, axial fans for the general factory, warehouse, office, residential and other occasions, ventilation or heating to enhance the heat Use, if the chassis removed, but also for free fans,...
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  • What fan should I choose …. Axial or centrifugal?

    Axial or centrifugal? It’s often taken for granted that everyone knows what fan type to choose for given applications. However, it’s never a bad time to review some fundamental concepts. So, let’s take a moment and cover a few basic ideas. Many of you have most likely been told a characteristic o...
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  • CENTRIFUGAL FANS: blowers for gaseous flows

    industrial fans are fundamental components of plants for air pollution control. In the industrial field they must be able to deal with particular working conditions such as: 24 hours a day operations, various types of pollutants, different flow rates and temperatures. The centrifugal fans exploi...
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  • Why ventilation is important in your home?

    When summer comes, it is very important to know why ventilation is critical to keeping the indoor air healthy and comfortable. In some areas, the summer time is not only hot, but also it can be very humid. Even with a central air system, it can still be bad to the air inside. For modern homes, go...
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  • Growth rate of industrial structure transformation of centrifugal fan

    The development space of centrifugal fan has always been a concern of many enterprises and manufacturers, especially the centrifugal fan with a wide range of use in China. The development space of centrifugal fan directly affects the development direction and strategic direction of domestic fan e...
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  • The centrifugal fan has obvious advantages and can better meet the production demand

    According to the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, the centrifugal fan uses the high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, then decelerate and change the flow direction to convert kinetic energy into potential energy. Fans are often used in industrial kilns, t...
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  • Analysis on the advantages of non-standard customized air conditioning fan unit

    With the trend of diversification of user groups, the segmentation of air conditioning industry has become more mature. In many complex occasions, the traditional air conditioning fan can not meet the needs of users. Therefore, in the face of different user groups, we began to formulate air condi...
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  • How to Select Configuration ?

    How to Select Configuration ?

    Most of the fans in the ventilation system and air conditioning unit are in a complex pipe network system, and their installation space is limited to a certain extent, so there are certain requirements for shock absorption, noise elimination and maintenance. Therefore, the design of the structure...
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