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LTZS Series Forward-curved Blade Single-inlet Shaft-driven Centrifugal Fan

LTZS series forward-curved blade single-inlet shaft-driven centrifugal fan is characterized by that the motor is located at the non air inlet side of the fan, the motor shaft is directly connected with the fan impeller, the motor does not contact with the conveying medium, the structure is simple and reliable, especially suitable for conveying clean gas, dangerous gas or other special gas.

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Wheel Diameters

5.71~12.40inches (145mm~310mm)

Standard Performance Range

Airflow: min 1190CFM ~max 8,925 CFM (2000 m3/h~15,000 m3/h, 70,629.35 ft³/h~ 529,720.12 ft³/h)

Static pressure: 0.60~4.02 inches w.g. (150~1,000 pa)

Model Definition

Such as LTZS250M–4 is forward-curved blade single-inlet shaft-driven centrifugal fan, blade diameter 250mm with medium width, motor poles 4.

LTZS series of fans has the following remarkable advantages

The motor is not in contact with the conveying medium, and only the air inlet, impeller and volute are used as the over current components, which are easy to meet the special requirements of cleaning, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, etc.

Application on Dust Collector

This series is backward inclined fan especially for use on the clean side of a filter as an essential part of dust collection system.

To select industrial dust collector fan, the basic process parameters of smoke should be known, such as the flow rate, property and concentration of dust, as well as the dispersion, wetting property and viscosity of dust.

By calculating the filtering wind speed, filtering area, filter material and equipment resistance, the type of dust collector fan is selected.

Different factory environment and working conditions will affect the fan selection, according to different industries have different requirements for fan selection

Installation Method

1. The rotating direction of centrifugal fan is divided into CW and CCW according to the rotating direction of impeller. To LTZS Centrifugal Fans: facing the motor, the clockwise direction of impeller rotation is called CW, and the counter-clockwise direction of impeller rotation is called CCW.

2. Air outlet angle: the angle between the air outlet and the installation surface.

Vertically installed motor of LTZS series has no motor mounting base, therefore, it only has the characteristics of rotation direction and no outlet angle;

Horizontally installed motor of LTZS series has three main types according to the outlet angle: 0 °, 90 °, 180 °. It can also be customized to other directions according to the needs of users.


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About Installation of base, rotor, wheel; Performance on field.

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