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LTZNH Series Back-curved Blade Single-inlet Shaft-driven Centrifugal Fan Without Volute

LTZNH series back-curved blade single-inlet shaft-driven centrifugal fan without volute adopts no volute and can be directly installed in the equipment requiring ventilation or placed in any size of bellows. In this kind of special working situation, its efficient working area is wider than that of ordinary centrifugal fan, and its noise is lower. In addition, because the direction of its air flow is not limited by the volute, it can be used to replace large-diameter fans by simply installing several fans in the same air box to compose of a fan group, so as to reduce the noise and volume of the whole unit.

Product Detail

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Wheel Diameters

13.98~31.50inches (355mm~800mm)

Standard Performance Range

Airflow: min 892.5CFM ~max 16,660 CFM (1500 m3/h~28,000 m3/h, 52,972.01 ft³/h~98,8810.9 ft³/h)

Static pressure: 0.88~6.02 inches w.g. (220~1,500 pa)

LTZNH series of fans has the following remarkable advantages

1. Wider and more efficient working area, more free air direction;

2. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and flexible and simple installation mode;

3. The backward impeller with optimized design has high efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

Application on Air Circulation

This series is suitable for all kinds of air circulation requirements in commercial and industrial fields, such as painting room application, which is included by complete set of air handling equipment with high quality air moving requirements .

This series without volute raises high pressure, can be used for delivering the proper air performance for recycling operations, such as general HVAC, cooling and other air moving applications. 

Model Definition

Such as LTZNH560–4 is back-curved blade single-inlet shaft-driven centrifugal fan without volute, blade diameter 560mm, motor poles 4.

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How to Select Configuration ?

We have software to help users select configuration. Please contact for technical support.

Link to Videos

About Installation of base, rotor, wheel; Performance on field.

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