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LTZM Series Double Volute Forward Shaft Drive Centrifugal Fan

LTZM series double volute forward shaft drive centrifugal fan adopts the special structure that the impellers of two double inlet centrifugal fans are directly connected to the long shaft of the same motor, reduces the volume of the whole machine, and can obtain larger ventilation volume under the condition of small installation space.

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Wheel Diameters

5.71~12.40inches (145mm~315mm)

Standard Performance Range

Airflow: min 208.25 CFM ~max 9,520 CFM ( 350 m3/h~16,000 m3/h, 12,360.13 ft³/h~565034.8 ft³/h)

Static pressure: 0.36~3.61 inches w.g. (90~900 pa)

Application on Transportation

This series is widely used in the transportation industry. Vehicles require the ventilation and air conditioning system to control the temperature, humidity, air velocity, air quality and other air environmental factor involved in the traction system and other systems, and ventilate the space inside the moving vehicle as subway, train, bus under the changing conditions. The typical functions are drive cooling, carriage ventilation, brake cooling, electric parts cooling.

This series is especially used in the subway as air handler. The subway’s Ventilation Air Conditioning System is comprised of air handling unit, fan, water chiller, cooling tower, water pump, air valve, muffler, frequency conversion air conditioner, BAS system and other equipment. It is for the ventilation of stations and tunnels along the subway line under normal working condition; ventilation and air conditioning under conditions of blocking, accident, fire and other unexpected.

Model Definition

Such as LTZM150M–4C2 is double volute forward shaft drive centrifugal fan, blade diameter 150mm with medium width, motor poles 4 ,single-phase two-speed.

About Installation

LTZM series has two main types according to the outlet angle: 180 °, 270 °. It can also be customized to other directions according to the needs of users.


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How to Select Configuration ?

We have software to help users select configuration. Please contact for technical support.

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About Installation of base, rotor, wheel; Performance on field.

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