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  • ZL series axial fan

    ZL series axial fan

    ZL series axial fan is a special fan for air conditioning system developed by our company. It is suitable for ventilation occasions with large flow and low air pressure. Its fluid model is optimized by CFD advanced technology, which not only improves the output pressure, but also reduces noise and improves efficiency. It has the characteristics of energy saving and low noise. It is especially suitable for all kinds of air conditioning, purification, fresh air, HVAC The supporting refrigeration units have been widely used in hotels, hotels, office buildings, houses, schools, hospitals, factories, mines, cinemas, vehicle air conditioners and other fields.

    This series of fans have two different forms of supporting motors: single-phase motor and three-phase motor. You can also customize special supporting motors with different voltages and frequencies according to your user’s needs. It is very convenient for application in different countries, regions and fields.

  • DWZ series external rotor axial flow fan

    DWZ series external rotor axial flow fan

    DWZ series external rotor axial flow fan is a new type of axial flow fan we develop and enjoys proprietary intellectual property rights. Its features are the motor is an external rotor electric machine with the blades and mesh enclosure directly fixed on the motor; the motor has a compact structure and is easy to install. Fan blade design and installation are in line with the principle of dynamics, achieves high efficient and low noise. The fan can be widely applied in refrigeration, heat exchange, ventilation and other fields. Details are as follows:

  • LKZ Series of Axial Flow Fan

    LKZ Series of Axial Flow Fan

    Fan Model Description Product Structure and Description 1. The motor fan is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor insulation grade is F and the protection grade is IP55. 2. The impeller is made of cold-roll steel sheets and designed according to the aerodynamic principle. It has the features of large air volume, high pressure and low noise. The impeller balance accuracy grade is G2.5. 3. Fairing is one of the important components of a fan. It is processed with a...