About LangTai
Centrifugal ventilation fans

LangTai Centrifugal Ventilation Fans have series of Direct Driven Centrifugal Fans, Belt Driven Centrifugal

Fans and Centrifugal Fans with Outer Rotor Motor,which have models  of Forward-curved-blade ,

Backward-curved-blade. The fans are widely used in various air-supply-and-exhaust

systems such as HVAC ventilation systems, fresh-air ventilation systems,

air handing units, make-up air units and cold-storage refrigeration

ventilationsystems in industrial buildings, hospitals, schools,

stadiums, hotels, rail transportation, bus coaches and other fields.

Lang Tai Centrifugal Ventilation Fan


LangTai Centrifugal fans provides kinds of air moving solutions to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the whole ventilation system and air conditioning unit. can be widely applied for air ventilating

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    Certified Products under Various Testing Means



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